The petition to ban smoking in “all indoor workplaces” in Mesquite will create more government overreach and more job-killing regulations on businesses large and small.

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Stop government overreach.
Protect your personal liberties.
Keep Mesquite jobs.

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A person who signs a petition may request that the county clerk remove the person’s name from the petition by transmitting a request in writing to the county clerk at any time before the petition is filed with the county clerk.

Keep Government Overregulation Off the Ballot

Decline to sign and keep government overregulation off the ballot this November. An “all indoor workplaces” smoking ban will create more unenforceable government regulations and a bigger “nanny state” by using the broadest definition of “workplace” possible, including a personal home and home office.

Protect Mesquite's Economy

Decline to sign and protect Mesquite’s businesses — both large and small — from job-killing regulation. An “all indoor workplaces” smoking ban will hurt the hotels and casinos in Mesquite that generate nearly $156 million in economic activity and drive the multi-million dollar local tourism industry to Las Vegas, Laughlin, and other surrounding communities.

Stop Mesquite From Becoming a “Nanny State”

Decline to sign and stop Mesquite from becoming a “nanny state.” Smoking is already prohibited under the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act (NCIAA) in places of employment and businesses open to the public. This new “all indoor workplaces” smoking ban would require neighbors to report each other and force employees to report guests – or face fines for failure to do so.

Protect Mesquite Jobs

Decline to sign and protect the 2,000 Mesquite residents directly employed by gaming and resorts in our community. Jobs have been lost in every community where a smoking ban has been adopted.

Read More About the Impact on Mesquite

Learn firsthand from one of the local casinos affected by the proposed smoking ban about the impact it will have on the Mesquite economy, property values and community. Read their impact statement here.

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